Influence People To Be Confident & Love Their Skin: Digital Creator Ria Amin

Ria Amin makes reels on beauty content...

Times Magazine India shares the journey of one of the famous Instagram Content Creator Ria Amin, who has a massive reach to a family of 280K followers. She has made numerous beauty-related content which inspires many to enhance their beauty.

While interviewing the enthusiastic content creator, we can understand the zeal for making people love their skin and texture. She makes people learn how to beautify themselves and be confident.

Listing the various questions of the interview, we asked.


Express your vision of beauty.

My vision is to enhance beauty by Influencing people to be more confident and love their skin. I feel "Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through..."


What made you inspired to be a beauty influencer?

I was always fond of makeup since my childhood. Whenever I went to the guest house first thing I used to find was their dressing table. It sounds insane but it’s true! 

I check their makeup products & try them. I learned to put perfect winged eyeliner when I was in 7th standard. I was always passionate about it. Just before the lockdown, I found people were creating short videos about makeup & skincare. So, I thought why not? Although, I never thought of making a career out of it. 


Please share with us the journey of reaching the family of 280K followers on your Instagram handle.

When I started creating content, I had 700 followers. I used to post daily but still stuck at the same number for about 8 months. Although, it never demoralizes me. I believe if you remain determined & consistent greatness will come to you. That’s exactly what happened!


I request you to share the procedure for making reel videos. How much time do you spend final the content and uploading it?

My procedure includes noting ideas, script writing (if any), shoot & editing. I film 2 or 3 videos in one day. It takes 3 hours minimum to shoot. But editing is more time-consuming and takes more than one hour times even 2 hours per video.


What do you think that enhancing one's look changes the perspective of others towards that person?

Yes! It plays an important role in changing the perspective but only to an extent. But in the long run, your mindset, inner beauty, and positivity you hold will change the perspective.


What's life behind the cameras (making reels)?

I do my editing, shoot & then again edit goes in a circle. This is my basic everyday life of mine. Yes! there is a perk of being a creator if someday I am not motivated enough I skip work and focus on myself.


Being a beauty content creator, define your target audience.

My audience loves the beauty tips & hacks. So I keep on creating what they like to see. They keep sending me the hacks & tag me in the viral videos to try. They make my work so easy. Every age group is my target audience, my content is helpful for everyone... I am glad to say that.


As Instagram is a hub of netizens, content creators get appreciation as well as critics. What are your reactions to the critics?

Being alive in 2022 means getting hit by wave after wave of criticism. How I choose to handle criticism has a knock-on effect on various aspects of my life. Therefore it is better to identify ways in which you can benefit from criticism and use it to your advantage to be a stronger and more able person.


Please share with us one memory you can never forget throughout your journey as a content creator.

There are so many, but one is when I went to Nykaa’s party. I met many creators. Some I have been watching since I haven’t even started creating content. It was the fan moment for me.


How do you communicate with your followers about the queries or suggestions regarding beauty or styling?

To communicate with my followers, I first reply to them in my comments section. Secondly, I do a Q&A section twice a month where they ask their queries. 


What you enjoy the most while making a reel is the makeup tutorial or styling.

It is difficult for me to choose. It has to be the Viral hacks because I try it right at the moment when I shoot. I am always excited about the outcome.


Please share some beauty tips that go best for the youth.

Your stomach is like a temple so keep it clean. 

Try to drink green juice every day.

Eight hours of sleep is a must. This will change your life.




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