Aamir Khan Unveils 'Sitare Zameen Par'

Shares Details of Upcoming Film...

In 2007, Aamir Khan directed and acted in a popular movie called 'Taare Zameen Par,' which was about a young boy with dyslexia. The film won a National Award. Now, Aamir Khan has announced a new movie called 'Sitare Zameen Par' with a similar theme, and people are excited about it.


Aamir Khan recently unveiled his next project, 'Sitare Zameen Par,' in an interview with News18. He explained that the film draws inspiration from his earlier work, 'Taare Zameen Par.' However, while 'Taare Zameen Par' was a heartfelt and emotional film that brought tears to the audience's eyes, 'Sitare Zameen Par' aims to take a different route by delivering humor and entertainment, promising to make people laugh.


Aamir Khan emphasized that while the theme remains consistent in 'Sitare Zameen Par,' he chose the title carefully to reflect this continuity. In both films, the idea revolves around people having both weaknesses and unique strengths. However, there's a role reversal in the new film. In 'Taare Zameen Par,' his character helps the special child Ishaan, whereas in 'Sitare Zameen Par,' it's the nine boys, each with their own challenges, who help his character.


As per PTI, Aamir Khan will not only act in the upcoming film 'Sitare Zameen Par' but also take on the role of a producer for the project.


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