Transgender Players Banned From International Women's Cricket

It is to protect the integrity of the international women's game…

On Tuesday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) banned transgender cricketers from participating in women's cricket at the highest level.

Trans players who have been through any form of male puberty will be restricted from competing in international women's games regardless of whether or not they have undergone surgery or gender reassignment treatment. 

The ICC said it was decided to protect the integrity of international women's games and the safety of other players as well. 

The board finalized the new policy after a nine-month consultation process with cricket's stakeholders, with the final decision taken by the board.

ICC chief executive Geoff Allardice explained the decision saying, ''The changes to the gender eligibility regulations resulted from an extensive consultation process and is founded in science and aligned with the core principles developed during the review.

Inclusivity is incredibly important to us as a sport, but our priority was to protect the integrity of the international women's game and the safety of players.''

Trigger for ICC to bring about this change, a source said it was due to ''cricket's inclusion in the 2028 Olympics.''


"Since cricket will be an Olympic sport, it will be governed by the Olympic guidelines. This gender issue is a huge one at the global level.

Edited By: Arusha Farooq

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