Kangana Ranaut's bold take on premarital sex.

Kangana Ranaut's reaction on premarital sex.

Kangana Ranaut who officially joined twitter recently, always finds a way to grab the limelight with her strong and opinionated ideas on social media. She often becomes a target for trollers as she is very vocal about issues based on her perception. This time, the Queen Actress got into a war of words with a netizen who commented "Premarital sex is not sanskari" (Premarital sex is not moral) on her latest post. Since then, the Actress has been seen making bold and controversial statements captivating people's attention with variable ideologies fueling a debatable content.

In her response to the comment raised, the Padmashree awardee took to her twitter handle, saying "I love how all depressed and suicidal snowflake feminists are doing tauba tauba (stuck in an awe and bewilderment) about premarital sex, some of them are scandalised that a Padma Shri awardee indulges in sex. What is with this Victorian/Islamic approach to a woman’s sexuality, snowflakes are melting on my TL."  Many people raised eyebrows regarding her idea of dragging a religion into the midst of a feminist controversy. Many felt pitting matters of choice and personal liberty with religion, tradition or morals was quite absurd, unnecessary and leads to the spread of disharmony.

The Actress had moved to Manali, her hometown after the announcement of lockdown and recently attended her brother's wedding rituals and flew back to Hyderabad to shoot for her upcoming film 'Thalaivi' centered around Jayalalitha's life. Bidding adieu to mountains she got back to her work commitments and then indulged in social media tussle with aforementioned person where she questioned her whether she is against 'Sanatana Dharma'. She also tweeted about her love for mountains and soulful attachment to her hometown.

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